Pipelet VerifyPaymentCard
Pipelet VerifyPaymentCard

This pipelet is used to verify payment card information. It does several validations and returns a Status object. In case of invalid payment card information the Status object contains one or multiple status items. The following conditions must be met for the pipelet to succeed, otherwise the pipelet will return on the ERROR exit:

  • ExpirationMonth and ExpirationYear specify a valid date in future.
  • CardNumber checksum algorithm (Luhn) finishes successfully. If enabled in payment card settings.
  • CardNumber matches payment card length and prefix settings.
  • CardSecurityCode length matches payment card security code length setting.
Error Connector
Configuration Properties
VerifySecurityCode  :  Boolean (Required)
Enables or disables the card security code verification. Note: This flag is ignored, if the card security code verification of this card type is disabled in Business Manager.
Permissible Values:
Input Parameters
PaymentCard  :  PaymentCard (Required)
The payment card to verify card information for.
CardNumber  :  String (Required)
The card number of the payment card.
ExpirationMonth  :  Number (Required)
The expiration month of the payment card.
ExpirationYear  :  Number (Required)
The expiration year of the payment card.
CardSecurityCode  :  String (Optional)
The security code of the payment card.
Output Parameters
Status  :  Status  :  (Required)

The status of the verification. Can be one of the following:

  • OK - dw.system.Status.OK
  • ERROR - dw.system.status.ERROR

Additionally one or multiple status codes are provided in case of status ERROR. The status codes can be of the following:

  • CREDITCARD_INVALID_CARD_NUMBER - Payment card number is invalid.
  • CREDITCARD_INVALID_EXPIRATION_DATE - Payment card is expired.
  • CREDITCARD_INVALID_SECURITY_CODE - Payment card security code length is invalid.