Pipelet VSAuthorizeCreditCard
Pipelet VSAuthorizeCreditCard
Deprecated. Use a link partner cartridge instead. Performs a creditcard authorization against the verisign payment service. In case of technical errors the error exit will be activated. The pipelet expects these site preferences: VERISIGN_CREDIT.Vendor VERISIGN_CREDIT.Partner VERISIGN_CREDIT.User VERISIGN_CREDIT.Password VERISIGN_CREDIT.SendToProduction Additionally, systemsettings\config\verisign\verisign.properties must be configured properly.
VeriSign (deprecated)
Error Connector
Input Parameters
AuthorizationAmount  :  Money (Required)
The amount to authorize.
BillingAddress  :  Address (Required)
Billing Address.
CVN  :  String (Optional)
The Credit Card Verification number. If null, no verification is performed.
ReferenceNumber  :  String (Required)
Reference number, e.g. Order number.
CreditCardHolder  :  String (Required)
Name of the Credit Card holder.
CreditCardNumber  :  String (Required)
Number of the credit card.
CreditCardExpirationYear  :  String (Required)
Expiration year of the credit card in the format 'yy'.
CreditCardExpirationMonth  :  String (Required)
Expiration month of the credit card in the format 'mm'.
Output Parameters
Result  :  String  :  (Optional)
RespMsg  :  String  :  (Optional)
PNRef  :  String  :  (Optional)
The Transaction ID
AVSAddr  :  String  :  (Optional)
AuthCode  :  String  :  (Optional)
AVSZip  :  String  :  (Optional)
CVV2Match  :  String  :  (Optional)
IAVS  :  String  :  (Optional)
CardSecure  :  String  :  (Optional)