Pipelet Script
Pipelet Script
This pipelet executes a Commerce Cloud Digital script.
Error Connector
Configuration Properties
OnError  :  String (Optional)
Whether to follow the error exit of the pipelet if an error occurs during script execution, or to throw an exception.
Permissible Values:
ScriptFile  :  String (Required)
File name of the actual script, relative to the 'scripts' folder in a cartridge, in the format "[cartridge name]:[script file name]". The [cartridge name] and colon are optional, and if not provided, the cartridge containing the pipeline is used by default.
Timeout  :  String (Optional)
Timeout in seconds for this script. The default is 30 seconds within storefront requests and 15 minutes within jobs. The maximum upper limit when executing within a job is 60 minutes. The maximum upper limit when executing within a storefront request is 5 minutes.
Transactional  :  String (Required)
Whether or not to execute the script in the context of a transaction.
Permissible Values:
Output Parameters
ScriptLog  :  String  :  (Optional)
Log generated while running the script. This is not a log file name, but rather the actual contents of the log.