Pipelet LoginCustomer
Pipelet LoginCustomer
This pipelet authenticates the current session using the supplied Login and Password. If a different customer is currently authenticated in the session, then this customer is "logged out" and her/his privacy and form data are deleted. If the authentication with the given credentials fails, then the ERROR exit is taken and no changes to the session are made.

If the optional input value "RememberMe" is supplied and set to True, this pipelet stores a cookie on the customer's machine which will be used to identify the customer when the next session is initiated. The cookie is set to expire in 180 days (i.e. 6 months). Note that a customer who is remembered is not automatically authenticated and will have to explicitly log in to access any personal information.

Error Connector
Transaction Required
Input Parameters
Login  :  String (Required)
Login name.
Password  :  String (Required)
RememberMe  :  Boolean (Optional)
Optional Boolean value indicating if the customer wants to be remembered on the current computer. If a value of True is supplied a cookie identifying the customer is stored upon successful login. If a value of False, or a null value, is supplied, then no cookie is stored and any existing cookie is removed.
Output Parameters
LoginStatus  :  String  :  (Optional)
A string containing a status code, indicating further details of authentication failure (or success). See dw.customer.AuthenticationStatus for further details.