Pipelet GetProductList
Pipelet GetProductList
Return a ProductList as specified by the input parameters. If a ProductListID is provided, then the corresponding ProductList is returned. If none is found, then the ERROR connector is taken. I addition, this pipelet currently supports the following deprecated functionality. If a Customer is provided, then the pipelet will return the first ProductList (in no particular order) owned by that Customer. If none are found, then the pipelet will look at the Create configuration parameter. If Create is set to true, then a new ProductList of the specified Type is created and returned. Otherwise the ERROR connector is taken.
Error Connector
Transaction Required
Configuration Properties
Create  :  String (Required)
Permissible Values:
Input Parameters
Type  :  Integer (Optional)
deprecated The type of the product list to find, or create if one is to be created, e.g. dw.customer.ProductList.TYPE_WISH_LIST.
Customer  :  Customer (Optional)
deprecated The owner of the ProductList.
ProductListID  :  String (Required)
The identifier of the ProductList.
Output Parameters
ProductList  :  ProductList  :  (Required)