Pipelet CreateShippingOrders
Pipelet CreateShippingOrders

This pipelet creates ShippingOrders for Orders with OPEN items and is usually used within a job.

The selection of orders fed into the process can be controlled by providing an QueryString parameter. The processing order can be defined with parameter SortString.

This pipelet ends on the ERROR exit if an exception is thrown during the creation process, so allowing the pipeline logic to control e.g. whether the next site should be processed.

Order Center
Error Connector
Input Parameters
QueryString  :  String (Optional)
The query string. Must contain valid order query syntax e.g. query=status=3 or status=4. For more information on the query syntax see documentation for dw.order.OrderMgr#queryOrder.
SortString  :  String (Optional)
The sorting of the query results.