Pipelet CreateGiftCertificate
Pipelet CreateGiftCertificate
CreateGiftCertificate attempts to create a GiftCertificate using the required and optional input parameters. If you pass in an ID (gift certificate code) to this pipelet, the ID will be used to create the Gift Certificate. Be aware that this ID must be unique for the current site. If it is not unique, the GiftCertificate will not be created. If you pass a GiftCertificateLineItem to this pipelet, the ID of the newly created GiftCertificate will be set on the GiftCertificateLineItem via the setGiftCertificateId() method.
Error Connector
Transaction Required
Input Parameters
Amount  :  Number (Required)
The amount of the gift certificate.
SenderName  :  String (Optional)
The person that is sending the gift certificate.
RecipientName  :  String (Optional)
Name of person receiving gift certificate
RecipientEmail  :  String (Required)
The email address of the person receiving the gift certificate.
GiftCertificateLineItem  :  GiftCertificateLineItem (Optional)
An instance of a GiftCertificateLineItem. If this line item is passed in to this pipelet, the Gift Certifcate number is set on the Gift Certificate Line Item.
Message  :  String (Optional)
An optional message that will be inserted into the email sent to the recipient.
OrderNo  :  String (Required)
The order number.
ID  :  String (Optional)
Use this parameter to specify the unique code for the new gift certificate. If parameter is not defined, the system will assign a code to the new gift certificate.
Output Parameters
GiftCertificate  :  GiftCertificate  :  (Required)
The newly created Gift Certificate.