Pipelet CancelOrder
Pipelet CancelOrder
This pipelet cancels a previously created order. If the previously created order has been exported or is already canceled, this pipelet ends on the error transition with an appropriate status code. See OrderProcessStatusCodes for a list of possible status code values. Since api version 2.10.6 this pipelet updates the level of the finalized inventory so that the items in the order are returned.
Error Connector
Transaction Required
Configuration Properties
CancelGiftCertificateOrders  :  Boolean (Optional)
Used to control if the pipelet will cancel orders that contain gift certificate line items. If set to true, the specified order will be cancelled regardless of whether it contains gift certificate line items or not. Note that the gift certificate(s) that have been created for the order will not be deleted by this pipelet. If set to false, the specified order won't be cancelled if it contains any gift certificate line items, and the pipelet will return at the ERROR exit. If the parameter is undefined, false will be used as the default.
Permissible Values:
Input Parameters
CancelCode  :  String (Optional)
A code to use to identify why the order was canceled.
CancelDescription  :  String (Optional)
A string that describes why the order was canceled.
Order  :  Order (Required)
The order that you want to cancel.
Output Parameters
CancelOrderStatus  :  Status  :  (Required)
The status of the operation. See OrderProcessStatusCodes for a list of possible status values.