Job Step UploadActiveDataToStorage
Job Step UploadActiveDataToStorage
Upload current site's active data to storage system.
This step uploads active data from an old site to storage system during a site move if active data is required to migrate to the new site. Before this step can run, put the old site in 'Maintenance' mode for at least 90 minutes. This lets the old site fully process active data before the migration happens. When the job finishes, copy the storage folder name from the job log.
Execution Context:
Parallel Execution:
Not Supported
Always execute on restart:
Input Parameters
TargetRealm  :  String (Required)
The 4-letter target realm where the Active Data is intended to be downloaded by the DownoadActiveDataFromStorage step.
Exit Status
Used when the migration finished successfully.
Used when the migration failed. Check the dedicated job log file for the affected job execution for details.