Job Step SearchReindex
Job Step SearchReindex
Rebuilds or updates search indexes. The number of search indexes that can be rebuilt or updated in parallel is globally limited. If the limit is exceeded, any rebuild or update action will be queued and executed once resources are available again.
Execution Context:
Parallel Execution:
Not Supported
Always execute on restart:
Input Parameters
Active data search index  :  Boolean (Optional)
Reindex active data search indexes.
Default Value: false
Content search index  :  Boolean (Optional)
Reindex content search indexes.
Default Value: false
Indexer Type  :  String (Required)
Determines whether to rebuild or update incrementally.
Allowed Values: Full Index Rebuild, Incremental Index Update
Default Value: Full Index Rebuild
Product related search indexes  :  Boolean (Optional)
Reindex product related search indexes which contain 'Product', 'Suggest' and 'Synonym' search indexes.
Default Value: false
Exit Status
Used when search reindex finished successfully.
Used when search reindex failed.