Job Step InvalidateCache
Job Step InvalidateCache
Invalidate Page and Static Content Cache

Invalidates the page cache and/or static content cache (images, styles, etc.) of the sites specified for the job flow. Portions of the page cache may be invalidated by specifying a set of page cache partition IDs, which will invalidate only the page cache that matches the controllers/pipelines specified with these partitions.

Execution Context:
Parallel Execution:
Not Supported
Always execute on restart:
Input Parameters
InvalidatePageCache  :  Boolean (Required)
If selected, then pages in the page cache are deleted. If the PageCachePartitionIDs parameters is specified, only those partitions are invalidated, otherwise the entire page cache.
Default Value: true
InvalidateStaticCache  :  Boolean (Required)
If selected, then all files in the static content cache are invalidated. Page cache should be invalidated at the same time to refresh static content URLs.
Default Value: true
PageCachePartitionIDs  :  String (Optional)
A comma separated list of page cache partition IDs to invalidate in the page cache. If specified, only the portion of the page cache specified by the partitions is invalidated, as opposed to the entire page cache.
Exit Status
Step exit status used when invalidation of caches finished successfully.
Step exit status used when invalidation of caches failed.