Job Step ImportPageLocalization
Job Step ImportPageLocalization
Import translated page content for localization purposes
Execution Context:
Parallel Execution:
Not Supported
Always execute on restart:
Input Parameters
AfterImportFileHandling  :  String (Required)
What to do with the import file after successful or failed import. The handling is not performed if there was a locking problem, or if ImportFailedHandling is ERROR and the file failed to validate.
Allowed Values: Keep, Delete, Archive, Archive Zipped
Default Value: Archive
ArchiveFolder  :  String (Optional)
Folder to store archived import files. Used when 'AfterImportFileHandling' is 'Archive' or 'Archive Zipped'. Folder location relative to 'IMPEX/' folder. If not defined 'IMPEX/archive/' is used.
Default Value: archive
FileFormat  :  String (Required)
The format in which the data is provided.
Allowed Values: JSON, RESOURCE
FileName  :  String (Required)
File name for the file to be imported (relative to the 'WorkingFolder').
ImportFailedHandling  :  String (Required)
The step exit status that will be used when the import process failed.
Allowed Values: ERROR, WARN
Default Value: WARN
NoFilesFoundHandling  :  String (Required)
The step exit status that will be used when no matching files were found.
Default Value: NO_FILES_FOUND
WorkingFolder  :  String (Required)
The folder that contains the import files, relative to the 'IMPEX/src/' folder. If not defined 'IMPEX/src/' is used as working folder.
Exit Status