Job Step ExportCustomObjects
Job Step ExportCustomObjects
Exports custom objects of a specified type and scope.
The scope of the job flow (Organization or Sites) must match the scope of the custom object type.
Execution Context:
Organization or Sites
Parallel Execution:
Not Supported
Always execute on restart:
Input Parameters
CustomObjectTypeID  :  String (Required)
The ID of the custom object type.
ExportFile  :  String (Optional)
Export file name and path relative to 'IMPEX/src'. Required if not using FileNamePrefix.
FileNamePrefix  :  String (Optional)
Prefix for the export file. A timestamp is appended and site information as applicable. To order the files chronologically, sort alphanumerically. Path is relative to 'IMPEX/src' and can include a subdirectory. Required if not using ExportFile.
OverwriteExportFile  :  Boolean (Optional)
If selected, the option overwrites an existing file. If not selected and a file exists, the job step exits and reports an error.
Default Value: true
Exit Status
Export finished successfully.
There is (1) no custom object type that matches the specified ID, (2) the scope of the flow is \u2018Organization\u2019, but the scope of the specified type is \u2018Site\u2019, or (3) the export failed.